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3 Black MJ Mommas You Can Support Right Now

1. Kebra Smith

Kebra Smith is the CEO of CannaHealth, an Alternative & Holistic Health Service that specializes in Medical Marijuana. Their experienced clinicians put their clients’ healing needs first by providing a high level of clinical experience and Cannabis education their patients. Based in Connecticut, there are multiple locations to visit and they even offer franchises! Check out CannaHealth here.

2. Marvina Thomas

Marvina Thomas is the founder of 420 SkinCare. Established in 2016 and based in Arizona, the company’s CBD SkinCare line continues to get attention for their products and for Marvina’s insistence on following her “passion- not the money.” Parisa Rad, the Marijuana Momma, was recently appointed as President and will be relaunching their Medibles line next month! Check out 420 SkinCare here.

3. Tianna Smith

Tianna Smith, MBA is a New Jersey native on a mission to be a voice for the people. Currently your State Senator Candidate for District 31 she believes that the people need a choice for diversified ideas when it comes to who is in public office. Find out how to support Tianna here.


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