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3 Reasons Why Yazy Loves her PuffCo Peak

1. Independence. Yazy is now a young adult and her ability to be independent is becoming more and more important. As a young woman with no vision, the vibrating operating functions of the Puffco Peak are a key feature to giving her the ability to medicate on her own. It allows her to manage her symptoms without Mom’s help!

2. Safety. Yazy’s safety while medicating concerned me with some of the more common methods of consumption, such as using a torch or an open flame. With Yazy’s intestinal complications, consuming edible products isn’t always an option, as she can be sensitive to sugary foods and other ingredients. The Puffco gave us a new way to ensure Yazy’s safety. As you can imagine, having something safe and essentially burn-proof is a big deal when helping Yazy with her meds. (and much safer than a torch!)

3. Longevity. The Puffco may seem a little pricey, but it’s longevity is worth considering the purchase. Having a reliable apparatus is important for Yazy, so knowing the Puffco comes with a lifetime warranty made us feel confident in the purchase (though we haven’t had to use it, which is another testament to the durability of the Puffco). It’s easy to clean with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol and the only additional cost is replacing the atomizer every so often!

You can find out more about the Puffco Peak through Mj Momma's Smoke Cartel affiliate link here.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this is what has worked for us and what works for us may or may not work for you. We recommend consulting your doctor and either knowing the legalities surrounding Cannabis consumption or consulting a legal professional regarding the legalities in your location.