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3 Ways CBD Supports the MJ Momma's Healthy Lifestyle

1. Sleep Support

With the stress that 2020 has brought on all of us, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always the easiest thing to do nowadays. Exercising and eating healthily definitely helps, but sometimes we still need a little help. One thing that works for me is taking a CBD melatonin supplement. CBD calms anxiety and melatonin encourages sleep. Together, they can be so helpful for me on those nights that I need a little bit of extra support to get enough sleep.

2. Topical Products

While there are many CBD products that have to be ingested, topical products shouldn’t be overlooked for their ability to combat pain. With a variety of topicals on the market- from bath bombs to lotions to roll-on medications, there are a variety of ways to incorporate them into your routine. For example, I enjoy soaking in 420 SkinCare’s bath bomb dust after a workout to relax my muscles and help with soreness.

3. Pet Products

We all know our pets are important family members. Like us, they can get anxiety, have trouble sleeping and have aches and pains or even arthritis. We have a lab and, if you’ve ever had a lab, you know that they are prone to hip problems. Our girl moves around much better after she’s had a dose of CBD for pets! Hippie Chicks makes a peanut butter flavored oil that she absolutely loves!


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