• Joyce Gerber

Creating A Reason to be Chosen

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Submitted by Joyce Gerber

Thank you for choosing The Canna Mom Show and for slowing down your day to read this blog. I promise it will be a good read with a bonus at the very end. – Joyce What do you see when you close your eyes? Lately, I see colors in clouds that seem to represent my emotions. Reds and oranges on my sad angry days and blues with swirling grays when life feels too hard. I used to think only in words. I’m a writer and a podcaster, words are important to me. I’m also a person who strives for perfection and have felt the pressure to succeed in a time when women were supposed to “have it all” if we just “leaned in.” I failed at that. Recently, it was pointed out to me that although many of us who strive to achieve perfection often get what we want, when we don’t the failure feels tragic. A truth I relate to. The failure I’ve felt over and over and over again is grounded firmly in my inability to transfer mom-work into paid-work. But because the needs of my children always trumped my professional ambitions, The Canna Mom Show now exists. So that, I suppose, is the silver lining for me. I’m a caregiver and I know how invisible that can feel. Caregivers’ days are spent worrying about others and investing ourselves in understanding their worlds. And caregivers don’t always choose who they care for, but what we all know is that the emotional experience of being invested in another’s life is a gift. A gift that needs no words. The feelings and emotions that I see in the colored clouds which may be mine, or could be the emotions I’ve caught from those around me, are transient and often momentary. But don’t underestimate the power of a quality feeling, even for a moment, in the midst of our chaotic and frightening world. And feeling something is a great reason for choosing anything, really. In 2021, The Canna Mom Show hopes you will laugh, cry, learn and scheme with women like Sister Kate, a weed nun with The Sisters of the Valley; Patricia Patton founder of Canna Boomers ; and, the matriarch and the daughter of the AV Rose Farms, one of the oldest black owned farms in Massachusetts. If emotions truly are contagious, then one I hope people catch from me is gratitude. I am grateful for you and all the women who have shared their canna stories with me in 2020, it was quite a year in so many ways. And if I’ve learned anything during the great pandemic and year of physical isolation, it is that gratitude is necessary for life. Gratitude is a blessing for a future we hope to create. With extreme gratitude I am taking this moment to highlight women who have products to sell that I know you will love. And with this small gesture - along with the network of the many women-centric cannabis businesses that now exist - our joined support will continue to build the women owned business that should dominate the cannabis industry. And if you choose to join us in 2021, together our gratitude and vision can change the world. HOLIDAY BONUS!! Check out these Canna Ladies and their products and services. Shanel Lindsay of Ardent Cannabis a personal decarboxylator. Dani McQueen of Old Man Goodies to make your own CBD treats. Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins of Monaco Natural Health for lifestyle support. Jessica Bates of Moon Mother Hemp highest quality and purest CBD wellness products. Liz Kost of Fog & Tree capturing the essence of California in self-care products. Amie Reiman of Hip Lives a virtual community dedicated to helping you live your best life. Caitlin Moakley of Soil and Spirit for conscious business consulting. Goldie Solodar of City Sessions a Denver cannabis lifestyle brand that specializes in tours. Doreen Sullivan of MyBudVase designing smoking vases for gorgeous spaces. Sherri Tutkus of The Green Nurse a community of health professionals. Marie Evans of Collette pairing women with quality CBD products. Jenny Argie of Jennys Baked at Home a CBD advocate with a great brownie mix. Cool Buddy personalized one-hitters.


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