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Have you seen Episode 3 of Alice & Bill's?

Join Alice & Bill on Episode 3 as they discuss plant medicine with their guests and and how’s its positivity impacted their lives - like our Co-Host “Alice” who’s life depends on it. Despite her disability (Born Visually impaired and with cerebral palsy) and her chronic illness gastroparesis due to prescription opioids, she’s able to co-host the show and interview guests along side Bill, to debut brands and how they help legal patients like her!

Episode 3 includes Phoenix Cannabis Co, a local concentrate company in Arizona. As well as edible company Hippie Chicks and our favorite devices from GPen!

In this episode Dedee w Dedeecustoms, Danni of Karma Creations by Danni & Rod the 420AzRealtor share their patient stories as well!

Oh and don’t forget everyone gets a clever nickname at the “Royal Dab Kingdom” with Alice & Bill!