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Meet this Marijuana Momma: Nicole Haggerty

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Submitted by Nicole Haggerty

Hi, I’m Nicole! I am a fun loving, positive, high energy, easy going Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. I love nature, animals, the planet, and humanity! I enjoy camping, hiking, traveling, gardening my own food & my own marijuana! I also love to experiment in the kitchen and create new vegan recipes(with and without cannabis infusion). I practice daily meditation even if it is only for 3 minutes, I set my timer and focus on my breath. I also love fitness, especially participating in events like the Spartan race and Family fitness race events. Everything I do is because I want to leave a better world for my daughter, and all of the children AND save the 🐝 Bees and our soil. I have a mini Bee sanctuary in my back yard!

About 10 years ago I was sick. I had digestive issues everyday and was in constant severe pain which caused major anxiety and stress. I started using marijuana and started eating healthier, I stopped taking meds, even Tylenol. All of this caused me to start researching our food which lead me down a rabbit hole and ultimately became the reason I became a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. I want people to know they can be healthy and feel good and they do not always need meds and doctors telling them what to do to their bodies. I am very passionate about spreading this awareness, I have lost many friends and family members due to poor unhealthy lifestyle choices, and alcoholism/drug addiction. I feel I was put here to help people help themselves!

Nicole Haggerty is my name and my brand because I am what I preach. I live, eat, breath, and sleep my own recommendations. I have been a practicing Health & Lifestyle Coach for about 4 years and am just now creating my online presence and website. I want to reach and help the masses which is why I decided to go online. It is still very fresh.

I am just about to launch a new 7 day body and mind reset program. I just had a test group complete the reset with amazing results and the average participant lost a pound a day and reports feeling much better and having less inflammation. I also just launched a 30 day daily coaching program back in October and participants are having life changing results from that as well.

My mission is to save 1 billion lives, to influence 1 billion people to live healthier and happier lives through a natural and sustainable lifestyle and End Human Suffering. I educate my clients on the importance of choosing Non Gmo and Organic foods and products, whole food nutrition, and a 80% plant based diet while guiding them through the process to change their mindset and be open to new things so they can be coachable and help themselves win!

I take my clients back to the basics, because when we can master the basics, we can truly grow and thrive. Basic things like breathing and getting out for a daily walk, or reading a minimum of 1 page a day in a book. These are the things that bring balance back to the mind, body, and soul.

Find out more about Nicole:

Website: www.nicolehaggerty.com

Email: healthhuster1@gmail.com

Promocode Available: givelove


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