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Nature’s Medicines Medical Marijuana Dispensary Uses Own Lab To Make Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Phoenix, Arizona April 2, 2020 – A month ago we’d never heard of breweries and vodka distilleries making sanitizing products.

But with the COVID-19 sweeping through the country many businesses nationwide are switching gears to produce the cleaning and sanitizing products that are in such high demand and in such short supply.

Nature’s Medicines, an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary, decided to join the brigade.

Using the equipment in their laboratory – usually dedicated to making cannabis oils and distillates – Natures Medicines successfully produced 3,000 units of gel sanitizer and is in the process of producing another 5,000 bringing total production to 8,000 units.

“All of us at Nature’s Medicines wanted to make sure our employees were as safe as possible,” said Jigar Patel, CEO, Amado Management and AMMA, LLC. “Equally important was providing our patients the highest level of protection.”

Nature’s Medicines immediately put CDC safety procedures into effect as soon as they knew that COVID was spreading. But they quickly realized that hand sanitizers were almost impossible to find.

“At that point our communal light bulb turned on. We decided to make it ourselves,” said Ernesto Becerril, Chief Production Officer. The staff wasted no time getting their equipment and necessary ingredients lined up in their lab. “We followed the FDA recipe adding a light touch of mint, and celebrated when the first batch met our standards.”

Nature’s Medicines is now supplying their employees with their homemade sanitizer. Nature’s Medicines is also giving its patients a free sanitizer with their purchase while supplies last.

“As far as we know, we’re one of the few dispensaries in the country to make our own hand sanitizer,” said Mark Steinmetz, CEO & Founder. “Knowing that we’re doing what we can to protect our employees, our patients and our community is such a gratifying feeling.”

About Nature’s Medicines: Nature’s Medicines is a licensed, award-winning, non-profit dispensary with locations in Phoenix and Fountain Hills. Our mission is to provide patients with professional and compassionate educational and self-care advice concerning the medical cannabis products we provide.